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The NIS-NEST database offers profiles of researchers and research groups/organisations interested in becoming involved in FP7 projects.

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Full Name Organisation Country
Kislov Alexander M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University RUSSIAN FEDERATION
Korchemskaya Elena Institute of Physics/ NASU UKRAINE
Kruglenia Katerina Research/project Institute of mining/chemical industry BELARUS
Lebyedyeva Tetyana Institute for Cybernrtics UKRAINE
Litovchenko Vladimir V.Lashkarev Institute of Semiconductor Physics NASU UKRAINE
Loginov Nikolay Institute of Phisics and Power Engineering RUSSIAN FEDERATION
Malinina Tatiana Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University RUSSIAN FEDERATION
Miroshnichenko Natalia TsAGI (Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute) RUSSIAN FEDERATION
Mishchenko Anna """MATI"" - Russian State University of Aviation Technology RUSSIAN FEDERATION
Petrenko Yury Nikolaevich Belarussian National Technical University (BNTU) BELARUS