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Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology (BIPH)
Organisation Type: Research Institute
Address: 4 Bogomoletz str.
Region: Kiev
Country: UKRAINE
Phone: +380442532466
Fax: +380442562000
Web Address:
Parent Organisation: --
Children Organisations:
Research/Thematic Area:
  • Biotechnology, generic tools and medical technologies for human health
  • Other Actions across the health theme
  • Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies
  • Initial training of researchers
  • Life-long training and career development
  • Support to existing research infrastructures
  • Support for policy development and programme implementation, including support to emerging needs
  • International co-operation
  • Specific Programme Ideas to support basic, frontier research
Scientific Domains:
Number of senior researchers 0
Number of phD students 0
Authorized person Full Name: Krishtal Oleg
Position: Director
Gender: Male
Number of publications (since 1998) 420
Major Publications 1. Cheng, H., Song, L.-S., Shirokova, N., Gonza?lez, A., Lakatta, E.G., Ri?os, E., Stern, M.D. Amplitude distribution of calcium sparks in confocal images: Theory and studies with an automatic detection method (1999) Biophysical Journal, 76 (2), pp. 606-617. 2. Lukyanetz, E.A., Shkryl, V.M., Kostyuk, P.G. Selective blockade of N-type calcium channels by levetiracetam (2002) Epilepsia, 43 (1), pp. 9-18. 3. Pankratov, Y., Castro, E., Miras-Portugal, M.T., Krishtal, O. A purinergic component of the excitatory postsynaptic current mediated by P2X receptors in the CA1 neurons of the rat hippocampus (1998) European Journal of Neuroscience, 10 (12), pp. 3898-3902. 4. Krishtal, O. The ASICs: Signaling molecules? Modulators? (2003) Trends in Neurosciences, 26 (9), pp. 477-483. 5. Shirokova, N., Garci?a, J., Ri?os, E. Local calcium release in mammalian skeletal muscle (1998) Journal of Physiology, 512 (2), pp. 377-384.
Participation in EU projects (since 1994 )
Participation in national programmes/Projects (since 1994)